About Us

WPS is a Revenue Cycle Management company that is focused on providing complete revenue cycle solution to the healthcare providers and back-end support to the billing companies. We manage your RCM beyond the traditional boundaries.

Despite the great value of technology in the RCM processes, it’s the strategy that leads to better financial performance. At WPS we work to transform your RCM department from cost center to value creating unit.

We work as your complete partner and backbone so you can focus on the patient care while we take care of your back-end processes without letting you compromise on the bottom line and focusing on enhancement of the same.

"My business greatly benefited and generated more revenue because of WPS’s efficient billing processes."
Greater New York, NY
"In working through the wide variety of billing arrangements, WPS found payments that we had been missing."
Los Angeles, CA
"WPS services are outstanding! WPS reassessed and restructured our fees which resulted in a significant increase in our revenue."
Glendale, CA
“WPS has continually provided accurate and timely billing to us. They know what they are doing, and are great with their work. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Houston, TX